Whether you are ready to make major lifestyle changes or just looking for ways improve your current habits, Courtney is here to help. Courtney believes that everyone has the ability to improve their health and happiness through diet. Her approach focuses on adding nutritious foods rather than restricting calories. Food should be embraced and enjoyed, not feared. Everyone has the ability to live their life free from counting and full of flavor. 

Courtney wants to help you change your life. She offers one-on-one nutrition counseling services both virtually and in person.* She also offers nutrition seminars. Contact Courtney to get signed up today! 


new client starter package - $155

This starter package is designed for new clients. This package offers one 60 minute session and two 30 minute follow up sessions. This package will help you jump start your healthiest life and the follow ups will hold you accountable to your goals. The initial one hour session will allow for in-depth discussion of your current diet and health goals. Follow up sessions will work on building new habits and tackling obstacles as they arise. Courtney will be available for unlimited email communication between sessions. 

four - 30 minute sessions - $160

This package includes four 30 minute sessions with Courtney and is open to new or current clients. You will work together on goal setting, problem solving, and nutrition education, as needed. These sessions will hold you accountable to your goals and provide you with support on your journey. Courtney will be available for unlimited email communication between sessions.

a la carte

60 minute session - $84

45 minute session - $63

30 minute session - $45

Individual sessions allow time to talk with Courtney and work through your nutrition issues. These one-on-one sessions may include answering specific nutrition questions, developing a meal prep schedule, identifying barriers to reach your goals, or any other topic of your choice. These a la carte sessions are also open to new clients who would like to see how working with a dietitian can benefit them. Individual sessions available for 60, 45, or 30 minute options.

Nutrition Seminar

Bring Courtney to your group or business for an informative and interactive seminar! Seminars will teach nutrition information in a way that is easy to understand. A nutrition seminar is ideal for corporate wellness settings, small businesses, church groups, teens, athletes and sports teams, parents, teachers, and more!** Possible topics include: Nutrition Basics, Meal Prep, Packing a Healthy Lunch, Eating On-the-Go, Snacking Done Right, Foods to Feed Your Kids, Eating for Performance, and more! 

Contact Courtney with questions and to schedule an appointment

*Courtney is not accepting insurance at this time

**Seminars offered in Maryland and Delaware