Courtney Ferreira is a registered dietitian nutritionist in baltimore, Maryland.

In addition to her undergraduate degree she completed a two year research intensive graduate program and earned her master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Delaware. A New Jersey native, she now resides in Baltimore, Maryland where she is changing the culture of dieting, one person at a time.

Courtney helps clients make healthy choices without restrictive calorie counting or fad diets (See Nutrition Services). Instead, Courtney personalizes goals for her clients. She provides realistic options and easy to understand advice, giving clients the tools and confidence in their ability to reach their goals. She believes that everyone should and can give themselves permission to enjoy food without guilt.

You can also find Courtney in the media, where she gives her straightforward take on the latest health headlines and provides useful tips to help the public make more informed food choices.

Courtney’s vision is a world where people are healthy, happy, and living a life full of flavor and free from counting. Contact her to find out more!