Courtney is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified personal trainer in Baltimore, Maryland. Courtney brings approachable wellness to women through her writing, speaking, and counseling. Her authentic and welcoming personality fosters trust and comfort with her audience. Courtney helps her audience recognize and tackle their limiting thought patterns, and inspires them to approach nutrition and fitness in a new way. She believes that everyone is capable (and allowed) to pursue wellness in order to rediscover their true needs. In addition to private counseling, she serves as a trusted nutrition expert for the media, a valued brand spokesperson and content creator, and a curator of wellness workshops.

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Courtney offers services that include media work, content creation, speaking and workshop development, professional coaching, and nutrition counseling. Find out more here.


Here, I dish up all things wellness. I share insights and tips across, what I consider, the three pillars of wellness: nutrition, movement, and self-care. Check the fitness page for workout ideas!


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