we can't seem to escape processed foods & things i'm excited about

Happy almost Friday, friends!

It has been a busy week! I am in my Community rotation right now and they have us running all over the place. I will say, observing at the weight management clinic for bariatric surgery patients has been very interesting and thought provoking. Spent the day at a WIC clinic today, just lots of good learning experiences going on.

I am so antsy to get to clinical rotations the first week in November. These last two rotations (food service and community) have involved SO much creativity. We have been developing visuals, lesson plans, handouts, tri-fold posters, games, and activities. It's exhausting. Honestly, I am a little sick of it. I can't believe I started college as an elementary ed. major, I certainly would not have made it! 

While I work on bringing you info on the second barrier to adapting the real food lifestyle I have a few things for you. Starting with how to manage the inevitable trap we all face on our shopping trips...

The Trap (and what to do)

Research shows that snack and junk food consumption goes up when it is readily available. So, out of sight, out of mind. A new report sheds some light on how unhealthy foods placed at checkout aisles cause us to impulse buy them. There are rarely any "healthy" options, let alone real food options, at check out. 

processed foods won't leave us alone!!! 

processed foods won't leave us alone!!! 

Here is my advice for when you are waiting in an abysmally long checkout line:

  • Stick to your list: Walk into the store with a list and check things off as you shop. This helps you stay focused and avoid buying things just because they are there.
  • Going along with that, stick to your budget: If you make a list based on your budget there shouldn't be room for extra candy bars.
  • Do some reading: What goes hand in hand with those unhealthy, processed snacks? Lots of magazines! Whether US Weekly is your thing, or you love cooking magazines, use your waiting time to peruse the latest issues. Maybe use your phone to snap some pictures of recipes that sound interesting, and be happy you don't need to pay for it ;)
  • Meticulously place your items on the belt: It might seem a little obsessive, but it takes time and distracts you, so it works. I place items on the belt based on what I want bagged together. This typically corresponds with where they will be stored at home:
    • Refrigerated items together, freezer items together, produce in one bag, meat separate, you get my drift.
  • Okay, you've made it past the standing around part. You have emptied your cart onto the belt. And now you wait. WRONG!
    • Don't watch the cashier ring up and bag all of your items. You just took the time to organize them your way after all.
    • If you don't use reusable bags - start. They can be purchased just about everywhere. I also save my brown bags from stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes to reuse.
    • BAG YOUR OWN ITEMS: Not only does this distract you from the Snickers bar you may be trying to avoid, but also you are in control of where everything goes. This makes going home and unpacking your purchases much easier. Reusable bags also equal fewer bags, which means fewer trips from the car to your front door.
  • That's it! You pay and you are in the clear. Snack and junk avoided. Although with your new focus on real foods, I am sure you were only slightly tempted ;)


kitchen counter post-TJ run at home in jersey before heading back to Delaware (this picture was taken last year, when I was still eating dairy daily :( i miss it )

And, here are two things I am SUPER excited about checking out. If you have given either of these resources a try please let me know your thoughts!

Relay Foods

Their mission is to "make shopping for quality, healthy, and sustainable groceries simple and easy." Basically, you order foods online from a variety of brands and vendors. Products are high quality and competitively priced. You can search anyway you like: based on category such as meat or produce; or based on criteria such as organic, non-GMO, or local. Once you place items in your cart and complete your order the company bags it up for you. You can select home delivery or you can pick from an appointed pick up location. I can't wait to give it a try! 

Food Matters Television 

It is being described as Netflix for the health and wellness audience. Right now they are offering a 12-day free trial. During the 12 days they are offering several free movies/ docs, including Food Matters and Carb-Loaded (YAY!)! I am super excited and I hope I get the time to check out at least two of these great documentaries they are offering. FMTV.com also offers recipes and exercise videos!

Carb-Loaded is a movie I am dying to see. Look out for my review of it! 

Love this image...keeping this picture ginormous for a reason...

Until next time.......