yo-yo dieting dangers

Many of us seek out diets over and over and over again. When one doesn't work, we turn to the latest and greatest. We turn to the media, and the internet, and friends to help guide us towards the ultimate solution to our "problem" of weight. This perceived weight problem instills itself in people of all sizes. Body insecurity comes in all shapes and sizes. Just like health and fitness come in all shapes and sizes. Culture tells us we should be a certain size and that makes it really friggin hard to turn off that negative voice in your head.

But don't you get sick of it? The counting and the "fresh start" and the lack of fun and flavor in your life? Diets don't stick around forever in the same way weight loss doesn't stick around forever. That is just the plain old truth and biology. When we can shift our focus to our health, our energy, our mood we actually end up living happier and healthier lives  - regardless of weight! 

I wrote a piece on the negative health effects of yo-yo dieting for an awesome wellness website called WellSeek and I REALLY want to share it with you. In this piece I discuss what research has shown us about the negative effects of yo-yo dieting and weight fluctuations. I hope this helps you - once and for all - ditch the diet! It is time. It is time we all regain control over what we decide to eat and how we feel. Ditch the diet, find happiness and find food freedom. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Click the picture to read the article!

Click the picture to read the article!

Are you ready for this next step? Or maybe you're curious about how finding food freedom works? Contact me! I would be happy to chat with you about my approach and how I can help you ditch the diets once and for all!.