Seven Simple & Satisfying Overnight Oat Recipes

Have you started your love affair with overnight oats yet?

You guys know I am an egg girl. Eggs. Everyday. But what a treat when I wake up to overnight oats (ONO)! Literally, every time I have them I wonder why I am not eating them more often. They only take minutes to whip up and provide a totally different flavor profile that is welcome after a week of eggs. Sweet, creamy, and a texture combo that is oh so satisfying. Currently, I am doing overnight oat Fridays and it is a wonderful way to end the week!

You know I can't do a post about ONO without mentioning the health benefits! We'll keep it simple. Complex carbohydrates (oats) provide fiber, satiety, fullness. Protein (yogurt, protein powder if desired) balance the carbs for slower digestion and extended energy. Fats from mix-ins or toppings (chia seeds, nuts, nut butters, whole milk yogurt) extend the fullness and satisfaction factor. Balanced breakfast right there!

People ask me all the time how to make overnight oats, but there is no right or wrong way! Oats, liquid, yogurt optional, and add-ins of your choice and you're good to go! I was looking for some inspiration beyond my usual concoction so I reached out to some of my favorite dietitian friends to get their favorite ONO recipes. This quick recipe round-up is perfect whether you are new to overnight oats or looking for ways to mix things up (like me!). Give 'em a try and let me know how it goes. [Bonus points for using an almost empty nut butter jar.]

Back to basics

5 Ingredient ONO | Real food court

I often add unflavored collagen protein to my recipe for an extra boost of fullness!


Overnight oats | inspird nutrition

Simple and to the point. This ONO recipe is a great place to start if you've never tried ONO before. Also makes a great base for whatever fruit or toppings you have in your kitchen.


Flavorful and fruity

Apricot Macadamia Overnight Oats | Living Plate

This recipe is oats optional! It gives a great idea of a new grain to try out in an overnight breakfast soak. It does not use yogurt and can be made dairy free if thats your jam.


Berry Cherry Overnight Oats | Street Smart Nutrition

This recipe highlights how you can use a flavored yogurt to compliment the fresh fruit. The combo is nearly effortless and bursting with fruity flavors!


Cherry Almond ONO | Bite of Health Nutrition

This fun and easy recipe is yogurt and dairy free. I am so often asked how to make ONO sans yogurt and this recipe will help you get the texture just right.


Creative combinations

Overnight date & pecan oatmeal | The Real Life RD

I think I would eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.


Pancake Mix Overnight Oats | immaeatthat

Okay, this girl is a genius. I am waiting for this idea to take over the IG world! Pancake mix + a streusel's like eating a weekend breakfast on a weekday.


I challenge you to mix up your morning routine and try one of these recipes this week! Share with your friends. Leave a comment and let us know which you tried!

Happy eating!