how to make your dreams reality

Taking things back to the self-care space this week.

A much loved and appreciated IG to IRL friendship with my girl Stephanie W led me to today’s post. We were texting about my new roll as a fitness instructor, which has been a long-time dream of mine, and she suggested I write about what I have done to turn my dreams into my real life. I must say, this topic couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

After attending a professional conference last weekend and getting caught in the comparison trap, I realized how much I needed to recenter. You see, I often feel proud of my accomplishments but the moment I am next to more experienced dietitians or dietitians doing work I wish I was doing I suddenly feel insignificant and minor. A mental check-in reminded me negativity blocks, and focusing on yourself will take you farther than focusing on someone else. I think we can all relate to this in some area of our life - whether it be a wellness journey, healthy eating, fitness goals, career aspirations, or entrepreneur endeavors.

Today’s post is simple. I want to share with you (and remind myself) my 5 tips for making your dreams reality and your goals really happen.

  1. Write it down. First, get clear on what you want. You don’t ‘want to lose weight’ or ‘want to workout more’ or ‘want a new job’ or ‘want to bring in more business’ - TOO VAGUE! What do you want, specifically? Do you want a new job by the new year? Two new clients by the end of the month? To attend 3 fitness classes a week? What do you want? Then write it down. You can write it down quarterly, yearly, whatever works for you. For instance on your birthday or New Years write yourself a letter or journal entry to yourself 1 year from then, write where you see yourself. Plant the seed and you will be surprised how much this pushes you through the next months.

  2. Manifest (envision). I believe in manifestation (in simple terms it’s the idea that what you envision you create/manifest into reality) which some think is very woo-woo, but hear me out. You’ve written down your goal. Now, you envision it happening and being real. You can google the heck out of manifestation because there is so much out there. Personally I keep it simple. When I have a goal I am trying to reach, I day dream about it. I day dream in the car, at work, as I’m falling asleep. I envision how that moment or accomplishment will feel in my body as well as picture the accomplishment actually happening. Again, this positive support makes it hard for you to fail because you have your eye on a specific outcome and you know you don’t want to let yourself down.

  3. Push into the discomfort and anxiety. This one is HUGE. I gave a talk for dietetic interns last month and we covered this topic. I advised them - the stomach turning, knot in the pit of your stomach anxiety should never be ignored. If an idea or an actual event is making you feel that way, there is a good chance you should move towards it - not away. Let’s get some examples. You know you deserve a raise and you want to stand up for yourself at work yet the thought of talking to your supervisor makes your stomach do somersaults - you better go ask for that raise because no one is going to do it for you. Or, lets say you have an opportunity at work or business to present to a large audience on a topic you are passionate about, but you hate public speaking and your stomach clenches at the thought - you better give that talk if you want to improve your skills! Lets say you’re working on your fitness accountability but the thought of group fitness is dreadful - you better force yourself to give at least once class a try. Every time you push through those uncomfortable feelings you become more confident, and bring yourself closer to your big dreams.

  4. Seize every opportunity. Seize opportunities to meet new people, go new places, and do new things. You literally never know where it might lead you, what doors it might open, what connections you might make. Always show up, and always put your best self forward.

  5. Do the work. You can't write, think, and dream up your big goals and never get up off the couch. You need to work. The good stuff happens when you take ACTION. Take the steps you need in conjunction with the mindful, intentional, and exploratory tips above and watch the synchornicities unfold.. Work hard, ask for what you want, be proactive, and know your mindset and the universe is supporting you in your efforts to be the best you can be.

These tips have changed my life. I don’t have space here to type up the many examples of synchronicity I have experienced as a result of this approach - but just trust me. These small moments that come help to create the big thing you are working towards. Don’t discount the power of your mind or positivity.