5 ways to kickstart your health before the new year

2019 is around the corner, and the inevitable health related resolutions will soon be everywhere - only to be forgotten by the time the year is closing. I am all for making healthy habits a goal, but if you’re constantly waiting for a new week, or in this case a new year, to kick your butt into gear, you can pretty much guarantee a fall out.

When taking care of ourselves is a chore, when we approach it with dread and something to be ‘worried about tomorrow’ we are setting ourselves up for failure. We are basically saying to ourselves ‘that it is too hard’, ‘I can’t stick with it’, and ‘I won’t enjoy it so why start today?’ Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy, if we don’t believe in ourselves, what do we have left? If you’re fitness and nutrition goals cause you dread, you need to reevaluate them.

In the new year there will be plenty of talk about realistic goal setting, but for right now I wanted to share my tips for focusing on health RIGHT NOW. Not next Monday, not after that party, not in the new year - right now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - our health is made up of what we do consistently every day. It’s every day, of every month, of every year, added up. Making a healthy habit matter now will not only help you start the new year feeling great, but it is also going to help you keep it up and create a lifestyle, instead of some extreme and fleeting goal.

So here some ways you might take action now. These are things I am doing in an effort to balance the holiday events and keep my health and wellness on the priority list. I hope they inspire you!


5 ways to kickstart your health before the new year

  1. Get your fitness on. If you have a fitness routine, keep it up. If your schedule is looking more full like mine is, try looking at your week coming up and jotting down in my calendar what movement you will get, and when. For instance ‘AM yoga’ or ‘PM jog’ or ‘Lunchtime barre class’. Schedule it so you don’t need to think about it and decide in the moment when you’re likely to be distracted or tired.

  2. Stop stocking your pantry with sugary sweets. I am all about moderation and balance. The fact of the matter is, we eat more sweets this time of year. I am making a conscious effort to save my sweet treats for events and parties and cut back on what we have in the house for this month. We usually buy cookies every week to have around for dessert in lunches or a sweet treat as desired, but with some many opportunities for the really yummy stuff, we don’t need those habitual sweets around. That is balance.

  3. Get more sleep. So hard, but needs to be focused on, especially as you get busy. Even an extra 30 minutes can make a difference, so do what you can to wrap up our nights on time.

  4. Extra fruit or veggies at a meal or snack. Just that little bit of attention can make all the difference. Make it a point to add something new like spinach to your eggs, or fruit to your morning snack. Not only does it help you get in your important nutrients, but also will help maintain immunity during this sick season.

  5. Meal prep - even when you’re busy. A lot of people travel this time of year and with so many events there is less time for cooking and prepping. Again, have a plan, and keep it simple for yourself. See what grains, proteins, and veggies you can pair together easily with minimal prep time. Don’t forget to embrace some helpful items like great frozen grains or veggies, and use a grocery service like Instacart or grocery pick up for more ease and less stress.

Is there something you’re doing this month to stay focused and well? I would love to hear about it!