4 ways to make a salad you'll enjoy

Happy National Salad month! While I recognize the month is about to end (this post didn't make it out as soon as I had intended) I like to look at May as the kickoff to a wonderful salad season! We crave cool, freshening foods in the summer and salads are here to stay.

Did you catch my latest TV segment? I talked building a yummy salad on my local Fox station, you can catch it here.

I love salads. So. Much. If you follow me on Instagram you know I eat salad just about daily - and not because I should, but because I love them. 

Most people don't share my love for salads and it makes me sad. Two common complaints I hear are that salads are boring and they don't make you full. If this resonates with you, you probably aren't making your salads right. Yes, there is a best way, and it includes plenty of nutrient dense ingredients with bursts of flavor. You dont need to make a Pinterest worthy salad for it to fill you up and satisfy! Today I am sharing 4 simple ways to make a salad you'll enjoy! 


4 ways to make a salad you'll enjoy

1. More is more

Cheese, avocado, nuts. One of each please! Fat, protein, and a starchy veg or grain (quinoa, roasted sweet potato, beans, etc) help create a well balanced, hearty salad that nourishes and satisfies. 

2. think outside the salad bowl

A salad doesn't need to have a base of greens! It can have a base of grains or vegetables, and include greens as a small addition. Try buddha bowls for a colorful and flavorful mix and match creation that won't feel like a typical salad. 

3. warm it up

Crisp greens are a must. If you can't seem to keep your greens fresh for long enough then ditch the idea that salads need to be cold. Take those less than perfect greens, mix with all of your salad ingredients (minus the dressing), and warm them in a skillet with some olive oil until the greens just start to wilt. Transfer to a bowl and top with cheese and/or dressing. You have a delish, comforting bowl of goodness for any time of year.

4. dress to your style

While I fully support a basic S&P with olive oil and red wine vinegar, I get that the combo just doesn't do it for a lot of people. Don't let your fear of salad dressing keep you away. Choose a high quality dressing (typically those in the cold section of your produce department). Cut the dressing with some olive oil. This will give you an extra dose of healthy fats (most store bought dressing are not made with olive oil) without needing to give up your taste preference. 

Have a salad combo that is your go-to? Ready to give salads another shot? I want to hear about it!!!