3 ways to improve your self-care

I feel relieved this week. My last post on having a healthy relationship with alcohol was hard to write. I had been having those thoughts for some time, but forming thoughts into sensible sentences isn't always easy. A quick thank you to everyone who read and everyone who sent me feedback or shared the post. I won’t lie, I had more drinking instances in the last seven days than is typical for me, sort of ironic after writing that. However, they were accompanied with celebration, quality time with friends and family, and a conscious decision to just enjoy.  I took my own words to heart, did a mental check-in, and made decisions that aligned with what I wanted and needed to feel happy. I would love to hear about any new thoughts, choices, or actions that you experienced over the last week after reading that post.

I realize discussing alcohol in the way I did isn't something that happens often and some might say, is taboo. There are a lot of less discussed topics that we need to talk about more - alcohol, relationship with food and exercise (the talking down and shaming ourselves which has become the norm), money, and sex. I really want to bring more of these topics to the blog, but bear with me, it isn’t always easy. I do recognize, that if I am having thoughts, concerns, or worries, that I am not alone. As always, if there is something specific related wellness, nutrition, or happiness you want to hear about - let me know (I can leave your request anonymous)! 


I am going to switch gears a bit today. Two months ago I talked about ways to improve your nutrition. I believe in three pillars of wellness which includes nutrition, movement, and self-care. Today, we are diving into caring for ourselves!

Some people dislike the word self-care because they feel it implies we shouldn’t always care for ourselves. I mean, of course we should always care for ourselves, but the reality is we don’t. We should move our body every day, eat at home most of the time - it serves us well - but isn't always possible.  We run around, juggle to-do lists, and social and professional obligations, family responsibilities - then all of a sudden we realize we are run down and haven't taken half a second for ourself. 


I challenge you to bring self-care into your week. Self-care on the weekend is easier, but we shouldn't be living for the weekend. Taking time for you during the week will make your week less stressful and help prevent Friday burn out. Challenge yourself to slow down, even just a little bit. Commit to just this week. My hope is something will feel so good, so good, you will continue the action next week, and so on. If you wait until you have more time, it will never happen. The time is always now. You got this.

3 ways to improve your self care this week

  1. Meditate. Meditate everyday this week. Remember, goals are easier to stick to when you think in short term. I am not asking you to meditate everyday for the rest of your life, just for the next seven days.  You need less than ten minutes per day, but be realistic! If you are someone who runs around all day and is so tired you barely make it into bed, don't expect to make time for meditation before bed! Instead, set your alarm 10 min earlier and meditate as soon as you wake up. Meditating during your lunch break can work too. I highly recommend the freebies on these apps: Headspace, Insight Timer,and Calm.

  2. Sleep 7-8 hours every night. This is a hard one! Picking a bedtime is hard, sticking to it is harder. You might intend to get in bed by 10, but after washing your face, ironing clothes, packing up lunch, etc, it can look more like 10:30. Set an alarm on your phone that lets you know when to start your bedtime routine so you are in bed at the intended time. Extra props if you keep your bedtime the same on the weekend! Our body likes routine, and will thank you.

  3. Nourishing activity. Add a body or soul noursihing activity to at least one weekday. This might be a massage (partner massages count here too!), a pedi or mani (at home is fine!), an at home face mask, or taking a bath. While beauty regimens are a great and obvious way to care for yourself, don't underestimate the impact of settling into a clean room, reading a book, cooking a comforting meal, or journaling. How do you know if an activity is nourishing your body or soul? It should be something that forces you to tune-in, instead of tune-out (this means screen time doesn't count as an approved nourishing activity). 

I know you can do this. Seriously, it is one week. Give it a try, and see what you learn about yourself. Share with me your findings and realizations from this challenge!  If you have a different way you bring self-care into your busy week, I want to hear about it!