Goals for 28

If we’re not setting goals or getting to know our aspirations because it seems hard, far away, and unreachable, it is time to get to the drawing board. Just as with business, if we don't know where we want to go and figure out the small baby steps to get there, we never will change or grow.

Today is my 28th birthday. I really think I have the luckiest birthday, 7/7. I have heard quite a few people say they don’t set  goals for the New Year, but rather set goals at each birthday - it does make sense! Since my birthday falls right in the middle of the year I think it’s a great time to reevaluate my January goals and reset. I wrote this post back in January about my New Year’s resolutions. Today I'm sharing a more personal post about how those resolutions have panned out, and where I'm headed.

At the start of 2018 I committed to:

  1. Trying two new recipes each month. Each time I am in the kitchen I am reminded how much I enjoy it, but making that time is not always easy and that hasn't changed. I refuse to pressure or stress myself out about making the perfect meal when I have plenty of other things on my plate. If I can get by with a simple prep and piecing meals together, that is what I lean on.

  2. Improve my relationships by making intentional time for friends and family. Better in some ways, not in others. This is a constant struggle for me. I try to remind myself of my priorities, but sometimes I am not sure what to put first. I think this will be a lifelong journey of juggling fun, time with people who matter, and still getting the things done that I need to do.

  3. Complete Gabby Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles. I have not restarted May Cause Miracles but I have been doing serious work on my 3 ‘fears’ that I identified when I started the book (more in this post) and I have consistently had one self-development book in my reading rotation at all times.

where I'm going...


As I turn 28, I am ready to set some new goals for myself for this year of life. Here are my goals for 28:

  1. One family, girl, or SO date per week.

  2. Read daily! I have been starting to make an effort here and I am loving it. I have been reading for 15 minutes at lunch each day and that is helping me keep my reading momentum going. I am also allowing myself to read multiple books at once so I can read what I'm craving

  3. Take better care of my skin. This is a journey and I will likely share some things in my a 'things I'm loving right now' post. Time to embrace the SPF.

  4. Travel. I have a lot of traveling anxiety, so ready to shut it down and not let it hold me back. I got myself a travel credit card and we've saved money for a bigger trip. Going to force myself out of my comfort zone.

  5. Make a bucket list. I don't have one! Do you have one? Where do you keep it? Send me tips.

  6. Master the headstand. I picked yoga back up 1 year ago today and haven't looked back. I practice at least once a week at home or in a studio and it has changed my life. I have strength, but a lot of fear and uncertainty, ready to push myself to practice and master some of the 'scary' poses.

  7. Share my love of movement!! I will be getting certified as a personal trainer, soon, and I cannot wait to see where this new credential takes me. I want to share my love of movement and the message that physical activity can be for everyone! 

  8. Make another career shift. So ready to do more of what I love. Determined to make another shift in how I spend my time in my career. 

  9. Master the cast iron skillet. Send help....

  10. Sleep more. 6-7 hours a night is okay, but I feel so much better if I can at least hit 7.5 hours. Getting up is easy, falling asleep is easy (I know I am lucky), but getting myself into bed early isn't easy. I need a bedtime!

  11. I added this one last minute....I am away right now for a weekend staycation getaway. I have decided to get off social media until Monday when we return. It is already hard, but I just want to be present. It is eye opening already to see how often I pick up my phone without realizing it. I am determined to set more phone boundaries after this 'detox' of sorts.

Things I want to hear from you

Do you set social media detoxes regularly? Do you set birthday goals, new year resolutions, or none of the above? Do you have advice for travel anxiety? And, do you have a bucket list? Share, share, share! 

And one last thing, whatever your goal is, you won't reach it if you don't invest time or money into it! If your goal is improving health, diet, and physical activity I am co-hosting an amazing series this August. It is focused on core activation (the key to literally all movement) and nutrition. Here is the link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/intensive-core-conditioning-nutrition-coaching-series-tickets-47467461455. If you are in Maryland I would LOVE to have you join!