saying yes more often

I took a break from blogging last week as I took on a pretty crazy week. In addition to it being the most stressful week of the year at my day job, I also took (and passed) my NASM-CPT exam, finished up a workshop series I had been running, prepped and executed my TV segment for the month with a new partner, filmed videos for an app (more to come on this), spent time with my nephew, saw clients, and drank 2 bottles of wine. Writing this out, I think wow, that was a lot. But here’s the thing, despite the moments of high stress, I really enjoyed every part of the last week. I spent time doing things I loved, time with loved ones, and time working towards my big goals.

I am leaving for a week long vacation this week (follow along on Instagram) and I am looking forward to real time off to just enjoy life in the moment. I need this break to replenish and I know I will come back more inspired and ready to get back to work. I have some changes coming to my brand in October and I can’t wait to start sharing with you guys.

Something I have been reflecting on this summer is the power of saying YES. Have you heard of Shonda Rhimes book The Year of Yes? While I haven’t read it, I listened to this awesome podcast episode with Oprah and it really made me reflect on when I have said yes, and the times I said no when I could have said yes. I highly recommend it. Sometimes, we may want to say yes, but our discomfort, fear, or stress levels get in the way and turn it into a no. I struggle with this often. I question if I am saying no because I truly do not want to do something and it doesn’t align with my priorities, or if I am saying no because I’d rather tackle my to do list or because I am scared. We need to listen to our gut, but we also need to question ourselves and make an effort to step outside of our comfort zone.  I try to be honest with myself and question, what would happen if I just said ‘yes’ here?


As I have been reflecting on this, I wanted to share some instances where I almost said no, questioned and pushed myself to say yes and had life altering outcomes. I encourage you to reflect on your own life in this way, hopefully it inspires you to say yes, or at least question your no, more often. Have a great story about a time you said yes? Please share!

Saying YES to...

  1. Grad school. I never intended to go to grad school. My senior year when I matched to a dietetic internship I panicked about moving away and after two days of tears turned it. It was April and I had no plans for my future (you cannot become an RD until you have completed a year long internship). It was past the point of being able to do much of anything. Then, faculty offered me a spot in the graduate program. Luckily, I had taken my GREs for an internship program application. I had no desire to do lab research at the time, but figured what was the harm in saying YES. Through this program I met amazing people, had invaluable experiences, and really matured and gained knowledge I never would have gotten otherwise.

  2. My first TV segment. During my first job as an RD, a PR request came through our department for a Saturday morning TV segment. I said YES because I thought it might be a cool experience. Little did I know I would fall in love with being on camera. Three years later I still do TV segments monthly, now representing some of my favorite brands.

  3. Investing money. Invest money in something that scares you. For me, it was saying YES to investing my personal money into my business. It was scary, but laying down some dollars to get a logo, photos, and a website up and running helped me feel reputable and take myself seriously.

  4. Becoming a personal trainer. I have talked about becoming a CPT since college. Taking the steps to sign up, study, and take the exam was a different story. Finally saying YES to and committing to this goal has left me feeling so proud of myself. Stop talking, and start doing whatever it is you're talking about!

  5. Attending an event solo. From a professional standpoint, going to networking events solo is terrifying because you will often feel like you’re the only person who doesn’t know anyone. Be that awkward person who introduces yourself to a group or interjects into a conversation. I have made new friends and landed a new media partner by saying YES to attending an event solo last year. I continue to attend solo whenever I can! 

I had to save the best for last. I said YES to attending a graduate student social event a few days before my grad program started. After leaving an orientation we were encouraged to hang out and socialize at a local bar. I called my mom, debating if I should go since I was sober and didn't know anyone - it felt scary. It was no longer undergrad where you knew everyone, I was a random person again. She encouraged me to go for a little bit and try and make a friend. I planned to stay a few minutes. I put myself out there, was introduced to this amazing guy, and six years later we are planning our wedding. Imagine if I had let my fear and self-consciousness get the best of me, our paths would not have crossed.

What are your YES success stories? Think about it, share, and seriously - say YES.