3 ways to improve your fitness (today!)

Thank you guys for your support on last weeks posts and my new fitness content. If you’re wondering what’s new, check out last weeks post here. If you haven’t tried out my first workout of the week, do that here - remember I’ll be posting a new workout every Friday!

A friendly ask...is there fitness content you’re craving? Outdoor routines? Body part focused routines? Long-term routines? Tell me what you’re looking for so I can help you!

In honor of the new fitness content and teaching my first demo fitness classes last week (more to come!) I am sharing a fitness post on the blog today!

Hopefully you read my posts, 3 ways to get healthier today and 3 ways to improve your self-care. If you’ve been around for a minute you are familiar with my three pillars of wellness: nutrition, self-care, and movement. These super simple posts highlight key ways you can improve your overall well being. Today we’re talking about the 3rd topic: movement!

Remember, feeling well and being well come with consistency and a bit of motivation. If you are brand new to exercise, or if it’s been a few weeks since you participated in intentional physical activity - this post is for you. If you’re currently an avid exerciser and pushing your body hard more than one day per week - this post is also for you. Whether you have a desire to have a fitness routine or not - this post is FOR YOU! Movement is movement. It doesn’t matter if you belong to a gym. It doesn’t matter if you attend workout classes. What matters is that you move your body.

Yes, moving your body at higher intensity (coupled with proper rest and nutrition) can change your body. But, if you’re only motivation for exercising is to change your body, then I guarantee it is going to be hard as heck to stick with it. Moving your body improves muscle mass, heart health, longevity, mood, and more.

I move my body, because a body in motion stays in motion. In healthcare, my exposure to people of all ages and with all conditions has helped me a) not take my ability to exercise for granted and b) value the role of physical fitness in independence later in life. The ability to move your body is a gift that not everyone gets. Don’t take it for granted. This is my why. Find your why - and I encourage you to choose something besides weight-loss or toning up.

Now that you’re ready to improve your fitness - read on!


3 ways to improve your fitness today

  1. Walk. Walking is the new Crossfit. Yup, I said it. And if it isn’t, well I am determined to make it such! Since I started posting about my walks on IG I have gotten such love from you all. People saying I inspired them to walk without guilt that it wasn’t vigorous enough exercise. People who already walk and shared their walking routes and routines with me. People who started taking walks to clear their head and experience their home in a new way. Across the board, thank you. Walking isn’t just for elderly people or our parents. It is for everyone. Unlike trendy intense exercises that leave you rundown, exhausted, and overly sore, walking provides the benefits without the pain. Walk and talk with a friend (even if its on the phone) and experience a mood boost! Give it a try!

  2. Stretch or yoga. Our body gets so stiff from being in the same positiion all the time. Sitting, driving, even working out leaves us very tight. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to go to a yoga class to do this one. Stretch for a few moments when you wake up, hold a few restorative yoga poses before bed (recommend Yoga with Adriene). Do something to stretch those muscles! Tip: If you sit all day or most of the day, your hip flexors are tight. Here’s a video of a great hip flexor stretch.

  3. Push ups. Arguably the best exercise there is. It works your core, triceps, shoulders, glutes (if you keep them tight throughout). Practice your push up - it literally makes you stronger and more fit for any other exercise you do. Plus, everyone feels strong doing a push up! Keep in mind, push ups on your knees are STILL HARD! Instead of letting your form break down (butt pop back) head to a counter or window sill and do a standing push up!

So there they are. Three things you can do every day, or twice a week to start. These three things will also help you tune in to your body and hopefully gain some perspective on how you feel each day!