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meal plan: week 2

Alright, since you asked for more, here it is - another ‘what we eat’ meal plan share.

In need of intro and more background on how and why I plan and meal prep? Check out my first post in this series.


We were out of town the weekend I came up with this meal plan, so I did my brainstorming Sunday morning over breakfast in Jersey, made a stop at Trader Joe’s by my parents before hitting the road, and then swung by the grocery store once we got back to Baltimore for last minute things. I kept things plain and tried to select meals we could easily piece together rather than using recipes.

Could I have just come home and not worried about what we were going to eat? Sure. BUT, with such a hectic schedule this would mean needing to eat out a ton during the week ($$$) and likely eating minimal veg. The bit of extra effort is worth it to me when I consider the alternatives. This isn’t all fun, but our health is one of my biggest priorities, so I do it anyway.


week 2: what we eat in a week


  • Hard boiled eggs (in the Instant Pot) (2 per serving) eaten with….

  • Blueberry baked oatmeal (used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar for lower glycemic index) - made recipe as written so we had 6 pieces, enough for 3 days. Once it ran out we ate HBE with english muffins which we had in the freezer and made….

  • Breakfast sandwiches for Friday (2 eggs + cheese on an english muffin)


I select 2 meals that will incorporate our starch, protein, vegetables, and fat. We batch cook (large portions) so that we are fed from it ideally 3-4 times each. If this requires me to cook a larger protein portion than stated in the recipe I will increase some of the spices slightly.

  • Instant Pot Carnitas + corn tortillas (to make tacos) + sour cream + salad (tomato, feta, avocado)

  • 2 lb peeled, deveined shrimp (cooked from frozen; 1 serving = 9-11 pieces of 21 to 30 count shrimp) + whole wheat spaghetti (1/2 c) with wilted spinach + zucchini + EVOO + parmesan cheese

  • Cubed and roasted sweet potatoes to have in the fridge for as needed


We needed some backup protein to make it through the end of the week…

  • 2 Hot dogs (nitrate free, like Applegate farms) OR 2 chicken sausage paired with leftover veg + cooked cubed sweet potato OR salad


I pack us each a morning and afternoon snack. These are snacks we had on hand that I mix and match each day based on each of our needs.

  • Yogurt + almonds

  • KIND bar or Health Warrior Chia Seed Bar

  • Rice cakes + cheese stick

  • Grapes, frozen mango and strawberries (snack or dessert)

  • Kodiak Cakes muffins (made from mix)

Was this useful? Is there a different format you want to see or other ideas you need? Let me know!!