Full body booty (35 min)

Full body workout with booty focus. This will take about 35 minutes. While a timer works great, I LOVE the GymBoss app because it beeps when my time is done so I don't need to keep checking the time. Highly recommend!!

If you have confusion about an exercise or questions about making a move less or more challenging, please comment or contact me - my goal is to share workouts that everyone can do and I am happy to provide those modifications on request. Additionally, remember you can google any of the moves to get a demo!


Equipment needed:

  • gym boss interval app

  • kettlebell or dumbbells

  • sliders or paper plates (optional)

  • resistance band (optional)

Warm up:

4 times through sun salutation A; foam roll as needed

the workout

Abs 40 s work: 20 s rest - repeat circuit 3x

knees to chest (plank position, feet on sliders, bring knees to chest)


high knees

full body 40 s work: 20 s rest - repeat circuit 3x

push ups with ankle banded leg lifts at top

squat to overhead press

kettlebell or dumbbell swing

booty 40 s work: 20 s rest - repeat circuit 3x

single leg deadlift (right)

single leg deadlift (left)

reverse lunges (right)

reverse lunges (left)

squat with knee pulse back (band above knees optional)


This content is for informational purposes. Always seek the advice of a qualified health professional before starting or changing any exercise program.