Body weight burnout

This is my first workout post. I am excited to share a lot more of the workouts I do at home and outside on this fitness page. I don’t workout for a specific physique goal (ie. fitness competition, strength, or giant thighs). I workout for life. For a healthy heart, muscle maintenance, and stress relief. The workouts I will be sharing don’t build up to achieve an obscure result, they are meant to challenge the cardiovascular system and at the very least activate muscle to maintain, and hopefully build muscle. This is the point of exercise. When we workout to complement and support our body we find increased metabolism and decreased injury. I want you to enjoy making these workouts your own.

I hope this page helps you find motivation to try out a workout at home. I will start to link to my favorite equipment in future posts. If you have confusion about an exercise or questions about making a move less or more challenging, please comment or contact me - my goal is to share workouts that everyone can do and I am happy to provide those modifications on request. Additionally, if there is a different format in which you prefer to find your workouts please let me know.

Today’s workout is body weight so it can be done anywhere!.

Equipment needed:

  • a mat

Warm up:

4 times through sun salutation A followed by 10 total dead bugs alternating opposite arm and leg; foam roll as needed

the workout

Complete circuit 4x (more or less depending on time and fitness level)

5 burpees (full expression includes push up at bottom and jump at top)

10 jump squats (air squats to decrease intensity)

15 frogger jumps (plank position, jump feet towards outside hands)

20 plank hold with knee to elbow total, alternating

25 crow crunch (crunch elbow to thighs, extend; keep low back on ground)

30 curtsy squats total, alternating legs

Finish with 15 minutes walk (optional).


This content is for informational purposes. Always seek the advice of a qualified health professional before starting or changing any exercise program.