5 steps to finding fitness freedom

Hi guys. 

A few months ago I blogged about how I found FITNESS FREEDOM. It was a pretty personal post and I shared I lot I never intended to share, but realized might hit home for some people. I got great feedback. Turns out a lot more people were right there with me...feeling ruled by exercise, and guilt about the other obligations they had.

While sharing my personal story can be helpful, I know it is important to be able to reflect back and think about how you can make these same changes for YOURSELF. It isn't easy, and everyone's journey is different, but it is doable. That is why I was so excited when Emily, of Zen & Spice, asked me to write more about this topic over on her blog.

Whether you want to find fitness freedom, or just want to find clarity on where your own personal fitness relationship lies, I encourage you to head over to the post. I share 5 tips to break free of fitness freedom. Reflect on how those tips make you feel: doable? scary? impossible? This will tell you a lot about where you currently are in your journey.

Hope you enjoy. And as always, I appreciate your feedback, whether via email, text, or instagram messenger.  Talk soon!