10 carbs to eat for breakfast

We need carbs. Plain and simple. If you eat vegetables, fruit, legumes, or dairy - you eat carbs.

Cutting out carbs is not the answer to weight loss or health goals - see my recent post on the low carb high fat diet for more on that. What we can and should aim to do is balance our carbohydrate intake with plenty of healthy fats and protein. Creating a balance of these macronutrients helps to prevent blood sugar crashes, mood swings, cravings, and energy slumps. It also ensures we get the most nutrition possible from our diet.

Today I am talking about my favorite meal: BREAKFAST! There was a time where I only ate carbs for breakfast. There was also a time where I cut out all carbs from my breakfast. Each of these periods of my life turned into a learning experience in listening to my body. Now, I eat carbs in the morning as part of a balanced breakfast. A quote I love, "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper." Basically , you need the most energy in the morning because you are fueling up for your entire day. Don't skimp on the carbs!


Today I am highlighting my 10 favorite carbs to eat with my breakfast.

You guys know I love eggs in the morning, they just are so yummy and easy to prep ahead in an egg bake. If you don't do eggs, no worries, try cottage cheese or greek yogurt as your protein. You can use these ideas to build a pretty cool breakfast bowl. Think outside the box! I picked these favorites because they are either quick to get prep or they make good leftovers to use with other meals.

1. Fruit. Apple, banana, peaches, berries... Pick whatever is seasonal to support local and save money.


2. Plantains. Slice and fry on the stove in oil (I prefer coconut oil).

3. Sweet potato hash. Shredded or cubed. Season with S&P or seasoned salt, or look up a recipe!

4. Tater tots. The best kind of leftovers.

5. ONO. Catch my recipe round up here.

6. Granola. Some fun brands are Michele's Granola, Purely Elizabeth, anything from Trader Joe's, or make it yourself.

7. Pastry. I love a good pastry from a local coffee shop on the weekend. But part of intuitive eating means I don't always feel like finishing said pastry, and I don't force it. I love when there is leftover muffin, donut, or croissant available to me on a weekday. What a treat!


8. Cereal.

9. Toast. Get creative with your toppings and turn this into the star of your meal! 

10. Frozen fruit. Yup, I snuck fruit on here twice. Why? Because it is the most nutrient dense of all the options! Plenty of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, plus it takes no time to prep. Frozen is the closest to fresh because it is frozen soon after harvest so you can enjoy the fruit you love even when it's out of season! Run your frozen fruit under cold water and it's ready to eat, blend, or add to yogurt in minutes. My favs include mango, strawberries, and pineapple. 


Other breakfast carb ideas: tortillas, fried rice, pizza, french fries, any other leftovers

Do you currently eat carbs with your breakfast? Do you need to work on adding them back in or balancing them out with more protein and fat? Leave a comment. Lets chat!