new nutrition study has the answers

A huge, new nutrition study just came out and guess what? It supports what many dietitians believe to be the optimal nutrition. If you're new here and not sure what that is, read on... 

This new study was a big one. The PURE study included 18 countries, over a hundred thousand people, through about seven years. With such a big study the media wants to show it in a ground breaking light. Turns out there was nothing too new discovered, and that is a good thing!

It showed that fat has a place in the diet, and it can be harmful when we cut back too much (we know this!). It showed it is best to focus on natural sources of carbohydrates like fruit, vegetables, beans, whole grains and limit refined processed choices. Essentially, it showed balance is the key.


Don't let the related headlines fool you... "casts doubt on conventional wisdom", "shakes up nutritional field", "carbs are bad for you."...

These fear mongering titles make me cringe. We have known for a long time that fat won't kill us. As I highlighted in my recent fat post, adding fat to your diet can have a lot of health benefits! They also use the title to demonize carbs. One author even calls carbs "the real killer," yet goes on to discuss how the study found that fruits, vegetables, and legumes were beneficial. Those are all carbohydrates - FYI. Too many people avoid fruit because of the sugar content or shy away form legumes and potatoes because #Paleo - titles like this can make them feel validated in avoiding these nutrient dense foods. Thanks to antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols, vitamins, and fiber many studies before this have also shown that the more fruit and vegetables you eat, the lower the risk of death and disease.

My favorite thing I read was that a researcher from the study said they hope this study will help people stop feeling guilty about what they eat - especially fat. How refreshing!

So enjoy fat, and protein, AND carbs. Focus on nutrient dense sources whenever you can. Move your body in way that feels good. Get enough sleep. Cut back on binge drinking. Stress less. and please - please - please - PLEASE stop counting your food! You have better ways to use your time and you have a life to live.