healthy taco hacks

This month has flown by. July is my favorite month (hello, birthday) so it's a bit sad to see it go. I had a lot of new opportunities come up in July, spent time with family, and even got away for a weekend. While life was more hectic than I anticipated, it led to some good realizations and motivated me to make some changes and ask for what I want in different areas of my life (are you asking for what you want?). I will be sharing more updates about this on Instagram in the weeks to come so follow me there if you don’t already.

Last week I had the honor of hanging out with the beautiful ladies of BMORE Lifestyle to share my healthy taco hacks. Who doesn't love tacos? For those who missed it live, I am recapping my healthy hacks in today's post.

Tacos can be healthy and actually make your life easier through the wonderful world of meal prep and batch cooking. You can make traditional tacos, taco bowls, taco salads, and even taco style breakfast. By cooking a large batch of meat, veggies, and grains (like rice) ahead of time, you can mix and match to create meals for several days. Heat and eat is my favorite way to live! I will be sharing more on meal prep next month but you can find my first post about it here


Tomorrow is taco Tuesday. Enjoy it in all its glory and feel good knowing you're feeding yourself well using one or all of the healthy taco hacks below!

  1. Cook or wilt greens into your protein of choice (eggs, pork, shredded chicken, etc).

  2. Make your own taco seasoning! You can so easily mix it up using spices already in your house, consult the google machine for a variety of choices. This will eliminate  added sugar and other weird thickening agents that are often added.

  3. Include a fat, or several! Sour cream, cheese, avocado, guacamole, olive oil, or avocado oil are my favorite top taco friendly choices.

  4. Color is key! Fresh or cooked veggies are a great way to add color. Creating a taco salad with tomato, avocado, cheese, corn, beans, and meat is a great way to do this!

  5. Quality! For my meat eaters, thinking about quality of meat is important. For traditional ground beef taco meat I opt for 1lb conveniontal beef and 1lb grass fed beef. This keeps it budget friendly while creating a healthier fat profile.

  6. Try a lettuce wrap. Replace your tortilla with bibb lettuce!

  7. Whole grains first. While white rice is often used in our house, I jump at the chance to create a quinoa bowl. Try other whole grains like brown rice, farro, or barley for a different taco bowl base

  8. Increase the fiber. Beans are a great addition to your taco creation! I opt for black beans or pinto beans. Just pick up a can, drain and rinse them, and you have a super easy fiber and protein addition!

  9. Veggie tacos can be a great, easy meal. Consider it an extension of meatless Monday.

  10. Get creative! The more variety in your diet the better. Try a fish taco, or add some fruit into the mix for a sweet element. 

What are you waiting for? Tomorrow is Taco Tuesday! Grab some ingredients and get cooking! Share which taco hack you'll be trying and tag me on social @f00dcourt using the hashtag #realfoodcourtRD