October Tabata

Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that is structured with 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. In tabata workouts you repeat this sequence 8 times (total time of 4 minutes per circuit). My favorite way to perform tabata is to select 2 exercises and repeat them. For instance, the first 20 seconds is exercise A, then you rest for 10 seconds, then for the next 20 s of work perform exercise B, rest for 10 sec, and keep going like that until your 4 minutes are up (so you will do each exercise 4 times total).

I will start teaching a tabata class weekly at the end of the month and I am super excited about it. Today I am sharing the workout we did at one of my demo classes. If you guys like this style workout (short, sweet, tough, sweaty, and typically body weight) then let me know and I will share more often!

If you have confusion about an exercise or questions about making a move less/ more challenging, please comment or contact me - my goal is to share workouts that everyone can do and I am happy to provide those modifications. Additionally, remember you can google any of the moves to get a demo!

Today’s workout will take 30 minutes with a warm up/ cool down.


  • a mat

  • interval timer (recommend GymBoss App)


4 times through sun salutation A; 10 air squats; foam roll as needed

the workout

For each circuit SET INTERVAL TIMER App TO 20 S work INTERVAL AND 10 S rest INTERVAL - 8 ROUNDS. This will take you thru each exercise pair 4 times and take a total of 4 minutes per circuit


Squat hold and pulse

Frogger hops

Rest 1 min before starting next circuit


Push ups

Forearm plank jacks

Rest 1 min before starting next circuit


Reverse lunge (L), squat, reverse lunge (R), squat

high knees

Rest 1 min before starting next circuit



Plank hold with slow knee to chest

Rest 1 min before starting ab circuit

Core burnOut: COMPLETE CIRCUIT 3X THRU. Perform each exercise for 45 sec and then rest 15 sec

Glute bridge hold and pulse

Crow crunch hold

Slow bicycle

Wide stance glute bridge hold

This content is for informational purposes. Always seek the advice of a qualified health professional before starting or changing any exercise program.