Booty burner

It’s that time again! Fitness Friday! Do you get in a workout on Friday? Do you prefer after work or in the morning? I love starting my weekend off with some movement - it is so powerful! If you’re not yet getting active on Friday then set a small goal for yourself to try it. Today’s workout is another great body weight workout and can easily be done at home! It is low impact and not crazy intense so you can wake up those muscles in a more gentle way. Enjoy!

If you have confusion about an exercise or questions about making a move less or more challenging, please comment or contact me - my goal is to share workouts that everyone can do and I am happy to provide those modifications on request.


  • mat

  • light weight dumbbells (grab 2 cans if you don’t have dumbbells)

  • resistance band (optional)


4 times through sun salutation A and hip flexor kneeling stretch

the workout


20 total dead bugs (alternating opposite arm and leg extension)

20 total plank hold with alternating knee to elbow

10 per leg single leg deadlift

20 jump squats


21s bicep curl (7 curls halfway down, 7 curls halfway up, and 7 full range of motion curls)

15 reverse fly

20 banded glute bridges with pulse

20 banded clam shell per side

20 banded fire hydrant per side

End with a walk with a friend :)