30 minute outdoor cardio (all levels)

Who else is loving the warmer weather? I always feel like spring / summer sneaks up on us! I have changed up my workout routine a bit, and have been adding in a run on Tuesday mornings. Never anything crazy, not more than 3 miles, just something to get outside. Today I am sharing one of my favorite running intervals. It works whether you are a beginner, or experiences. Beginners, feel free to flip flop your run and walk periods. Experienced runners, take your running pace faster and enjoy a shorter run while still enjoying the metabolic and cardiovascular benefits.

Intervals are just iike HIIT in a lifting. You push your body, get your heart rate up, then give it time to recover. You will get more afterburner with a workout like this than a low intensity steady state run that is a bit longer. I encourage you to try something new!


  • sneakers

  • watch


walk for a few minutes to get the blood moving. Foam roll if you are particularly sore

the workout


4 minutes Run

2 minutes Walk

Speed will depend on your current running abilities. Pick a run pace that challenges you.

Cool down with a walk or stretching.

This content is for informational purposes. Always seek the advice of a qualified health professional before starting or changing any exercise program.